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Our mission is to

Pioneer groundbreaking antibody therapeutics that recapitulate the superior power of the natural immune response

We are committed to harnessing the inherent power of the body's own defense systems, unlocking the full therapeutic potential of unique natural antibodies. We use these antibodies to redefine standards of care, improve patient lives, and inspire a healthier tomorrow.

Abstract fluids

Natural immune response

We use the natural immune response to develop better medicines

Exceptional immune responses are driven by antibodies that provide superior protection against disease. By capturing their essence, we create antibody therapeutics that recapitulate the superior strength of nature.

With our unique technology, we perform serological antibody discovery with unprecedented molecular detail. This enables us to identify extraordinary antibodies and to unlock their full therapeutic potential.

Scientific basis

Selected publications

Maurits den Boer


We partner with biopharma and academia to create better therapies together

We believe that deep relationships and co-creation make us stronger. We partner with biopharma companies, academics, biobanks, and medical professionals starting from a great idea.


Together, we accelerate the process of building a next-generation of antibody therapeutics for the patients who need them.

Selectivity over coverage in de novo sequencing of IgGs

Den Boer et al., 2020, Chemical Science 11, 11886-11896

High-Resolution Native Mass Spectrometry

Tamara et al., 2021, Chemical Reviews 122, 8, 7269-7326



Interested in working together?

Albert Heck Spinoza Prize

Scientific excellence

Built on award-winning research, we relentlessly push the boundaries of what is possible

Our work builds on the pioneering work of professor Albert Heck at Utrecht University. His contributions to the fields of bioanalytical chemistry and proteomics have been awarded with multiple scientific accolades. These include the Spinoza Prize, Krebs Medal, and Thomson Medal.

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