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Unlock the full
therapeutic power

of natural antibodies

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Pioneer groundbreaking antibody therapeutics that recapitulate the superior power of the natural immune response

Our mission is to

Woman doing lab work

Natural immune response

We use the natural immune response as a base for our research for new medicine

Building on award-winning research at Utrecht University, we capture the essence of natural immune responses. Our unique technology enables serological antibody discovery with unprecedented molecular detail. We use this to identify antibodies with exceptional properties, providing the basis for life-changing therapies.

Our founding team

Dedicated to the work

Maurits den Boer
"Nature holds the key to better health, and our unique approach to understanding and utilizing the power of natural immune responses sets us apart in the biotech industry."

Maurits den Boer - CEO & co-founder

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Albert Heck
"We are pursuing the development of transformative therapies, building on a foundation of cutting-edge proteomics technologies and the power of natural antibodies."

Albert Heck - CTO & co-founder

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